Support Boys Volleyball in Nebraska High Schools

Boys volleyball is currently the fastest-growing sport in the US. Despite this, Nebraska remains one of the states where boys volleyball is not yet offered at the high school level. We are a grassroots group dedicated to changing that. Our mission is to make Nebraska the 27th state to officially recognize boys volleyball as a high school sport. We want to help students establish high school clubs in their own high school. We believe in fostering this growth we can successfully reach our ultimate goal of being sanctioning in Nebraska high schools.

Why It Matters

Introducing boys volleyball as a sanctioned high school sport provides numerous benefits, including promoting physical health, teaching teamwork and discipline, and offering scholarship opportunities. By expanding sports offerings, schools can foster inclusivity and ensure every student finds a sport they are passionate about.

Our goal for 2025 is to have at least 8 high schools sign up for club volleyball play. This will help set a strong foundation for boys volleyball at the high school level, paving the way for sanctioned league play.

How to start a club in your school

  • Recruitment: Find 15-20 students who are ready to play in your school.
  • Find a Coach: Find a coach who is willing to help
  • Athletic Director Approval: Obtain the approval of your school's Athletic Director to ensure the club is officially recognized and can access necessary resources and facilities.

How to Support

If you are interested in starting a club in your high school or helping to get the sport sanctioned, please fill out the form to show your support

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Contact Us

For more information please contact us at [email protected].

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